Love can give you the courage to face the past.
Bosnian immigrant Emina hides an obscure secret from the past that still darkens her spirit. She finds a cure for her loneliness in her roommate Antonia who feels hopelessly attracted to her aura of ambiguity. Antonia and Emina love each other, but when Emina comes across a mysterious Bosnian man, she is forced to reckon with what seems impossible to leave behind.

produced by Enzimistudio and Sap11
directed by Roberto Cuzzillo
with Anastazija Vidmar, Fiorenza Tessari and Amel Orucevic
script by Roberto Cuzzillo and Carla Scicchitano

supported by
Torino Piemonte Film Commission

Premiere: Torino LGBT FIlm Festival

International premiere: Frameline San Francisco LGBT FIlm Festival

Available for: Germany, U.K.