Non accettare i sogni dagli sconosciuti

by Roberto Cuzzillo
Italy, 2015
Producer Roberto Cuzzillo

After the Putin's anti-gay law in Russia, Massimo, an Italian swimmer, goes to St. Petersburg for a competition. He meets there Vladimir, a Russian guy who works as interpreter in the Italian delegation. They like each other and fall in love, but unfortunatelly they will have to face the cultural barriers that separate them and the male chauvinist stereotypes of yesterday and today.

Premiere: 30° Turin GLBT Film Festival
International Premiere: 30° InsideOut Toronto LGBT Film Festival

“The film is an entrancing, poetic work that is destined to divide viewers because it dares to veer off the comfortable narrative path in its exploration of first love, self-discovery and courage.

It would be easy but erroneous to dismiss this film as experimental and thesis-esque (deliberately creating a word, there) because of its deeply personal approach and style, as well as the fact that it relies on long, observational takes and odd, often-discombobulating footage.

But all put together, the 70-minute feature makes for a pretty potent experience.” – The Edge

Available: U.S./Noth America, Mexico, Spain, France, U.K., Italy, Germany