A Quintet

by Ariel Shaban, Sanela Salketic, Roberto Cuzzillo, Elie Lamah, Mauro Mueller
Germany, 2014
Producers: Breaking Walls Productions - Mauro Mueller, Demet Gül and Jelena Stupljanin

People from different walks of life meet, laugh, fight, love and in a magical way they are all connected via the hub that is the city of Berlin. But at the same time, they discover that finding a real connection means accepting your own identity

POLAROID - episode

Producers: Enzimistudio and Sap11
directed by Roberto Cuzzillo
script: Roberto Cuzzillo and Salvatore Li Causi
actors: Salvatore Li Causi, Pierre Lucat and Aron Blankenburg
cinematographer: Rober Montero

Supported by
Film Commission Vallée d’Aoste

“A quintet” is an omnibus feature, containing five short narrative films, all shot in various countries, with each short around ten-to-fifteen minutes, and all connected in some way through Berlin.

Besides the main theme “Searching for identity in today’s world,” all the stories have another mutual thread: connection/disconnection. At the very beginning of each film and through symbols of modern communication (phone lines breaking, radio stations that disappear, Skype failing, etc.), the filmmakers are playing with the theme of (dis)connection in a modern world. However, by the end of each film, characters will go through a change, realizing, even if for just a brief moment, how things look when one truly connects and tries to overcome prejudices.

Premiere: 20th Sarajevo Film Festival

Award: “Special Jury Award” Chelsea Film Festival – New York